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Benefit Table

American Express Golfer Insurance Plan

Maximum Benefit Per Insured Person (HK$)
1. Public Liability 10,000,000 per year
2. Personal Accident* 1,000,000
3. Hospital Cash 50,000 per year (750 per day)
4. Golf Equipment & Personal Effects 30,000 per year (3,000 per article)
5. Hole-In-One Reward 3,000 per event
6. Free Protection to Family Members **All sections above
Annual Premium 800


* Benefits for children below 21 are limited to HK$100,000 under Personal Accident Benefit.
** Family Members only include immediate family members who are currently living with the insured.


All individual American Express Cardmembers who are aged between 18 and 70, and are residing in Hong Kong with valid HKID cards.