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Important Notes

American Express Medical Protector

  1. Cover is available for aged between 15 days and 65 years and the maximum renewal age is up to aged 100 years.
  2. The insured person must be a Hong Kong citizen or resident holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card, with a permanent address and live in Hong Kong as a usual country of residence and will not consecutively stay in other country for over 120 days a year.
  3. The reimbursement of all eligible medical expenses will be up to 100% for hospital confinement under semi-private room or ward. If the insured person confines in a hospital for private room, the reimbursement of all eligible medical expenses will be reduced to 30% and 50% under Standard Plan and Premier Plan respectively. No benefit shall be payable for insured person confined in a suite, VIP or deluxe room or equivalent.
  4. The pre-admission assessment service for the direct settlement of hospitalization and surgical charges arrangement is available for private hospital admission in Hong Kong only while the insurance payment must be settled by American Express®Card. For any non-eligible medical expenses, insured person is required to authorize Zurich Insurance Company Limited to collect shortfall of medical expenses (if any) from the designed American Express Card account.
  5. If the insured person sustains any accident or illness after leaving Hong Kong for over 90 days, this policy will not cover any claim incurred overseas.
  6. The premium will be adjusted when the insured person enters a new age bracket upon renewal, according to the premium table or any subsequent adjustment.
  7. If no claim has been made in the period of insurance, the insured person will be entitled to 2% no claim premium discount at the annual renewal and the no claim discount can be accumulated up to a maximum of 8% in the third no claim year.
  8. For insured person whose occupation involves jobs that engage principally in the use of light machinery or engines (e.g. electrician, cook, baker, private car driver, etc.), handle heavy machinery at a regular basis, requiring high degree of physical exertion or working in extra hazardous environments (e.g. delivery worker, interior decorator, transportation contractor, etc.), the premium is subject to the approval of Zurich Insurance Company Limited.
  9. All amendments to the insurance benefits will only be accepted upon policy anniversary and must be subject to the approval of Zurich Insurance Company Limited.
  10. Zurich Insurance Company Limited reserves the right to revise the premium, add any new conditions and apply exclusions to the policy at the time of annual renewal.