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Introducing American Express Travel Insurance

As a premium traveler, you can take family vacations to new heights with our comprehensive travel insurance coverage. Whether you’re looking for travel insurance that covers your whole family or travel protection that helps keep you worry-free every step of the way, rest assured we have you covered. With 2 different travel insurance protections to choose from, you can indeed start every getaway from cloud nine.
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Comprehensive Travel Insurance

A 24-hour worldwide travel protection for an all-rounded coverage.
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Accident Travel Insurance

An overseas personal accident protection that covers you and your loved ones as your family commutes.
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If the unexpected happens - expect that you'll be taken care of.

With access to 24/7 worldwide assistance and flexible coverage plans.

  • The Family-First Traveller

    For yet another magical trip abroad, give yourself, your spouse and your kids the greatest peace of mind. Click and explore our features.

  • The Adventurer

    Go skiing. Go skydiving. Go bungee jumping and more. Because no challenge is too thrilling for you when you're abroad. Click and explore our features.

  • The Business Traveller

    When work takes you across the world, from China and beyond, you need an insurance that can cover you every step of the way. Click and explore our features.

  • The Globetrotter

    Always flying to exotic or far-off places to kick back in? Enjoy luxury travel at its best with protection. Click and explore our features.

  • The Classic Traveller

    Hoping to try something new every time you're abroad? With our medical protection, you can taste the most exotic foods and enjoy all of the local activities without worry. Click and explore our features.

  • The Journeyer

    Whether you're travelling by train, ship or plane, you can be sure any unexpected occurrences or accidents can be taken care of. Click and explore our overseas accident insurance.


  • This plan is underwritten by ACE Insurance Limited ("ACE Insurance"). ACE Insurance is authorized and regulated by the Commissioner of Insurance of the Hong Kong SAR and is solely responsible for all coverage and compensation under the policy;
  • American Express ("We/we") identify insurance providers and products that may be of interest to you. In this role we do not act as an agent or fiduciary for you, and we may act on behalf of the insurance provider, as permitted by law. We want you to be aware that we receive commissions from providers and commissions may vary by provider and product. Also, in some cases, an American Express entity outside of the country may be the reinsurer and may earn reinsurance income. The arrangements we have with certain providers, including the potential to reinsure products, may also influence what products we identify. We do not require you to purchase any insurance product, and you may choose to cover your insurance needs from other sources on terms they may make available to you.