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Traditionalist product

American Express Premier Travel Protector

The Classic Traveler

With our travel insurance, let nothing stop you from enjoying new experiences abroad. Taste the local cuisines or take the first steps on an adventure because our travel medical coverage protects you anytime, anywhere. So rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

Key Features
  • Outbound Travel Alert Coverage
  • No excess for all benefits
  • Medical coverage up to HK$1,200,000 including a maximum of HK$500,000 for follow-up medical expenses
  • Cover Medical Expenses incurs overseas for a pregnancy-related sickness during a Journey
  • No upper age limit for single trip enrollment
  • Personal injury due to dangerous sports, e.g. hot air balloon rides, bungee jumping, winter sports and diving etc., is covered
  • Coverage for accident, medical expenses, trip cancellation and trip curtailment, etc. due to an act of terrorism
  • Coverage for accident, medical expenses, travel delay coverage, etc. due to natural disasters such as typhoon, tsunami and earthquake etc.
  • Coverage for excess or deductible of damage to a rental vehicle caused by an accident
Extra Benefits - Annual Cover
  • Complimentary ACE Assistance - China Emergency Card with medical guarantee in appointed Hospitals in China
Upgradeable Benefits- Annual Cover (for Plan 2 only)
  • Upgradeable for medical cover, up to HK$3,200,000
  • Upgradeable for trip cancellation and curtailment cover, up to HK$100,000

Special Offer

Register online Now until July 31, 2019 and enjoy:
  • Up to HK$1000 SOGO Gift Certificate per Annual Cover
  • Up to HK$200 SOGO Gift Certificate per Single Trip Cover
  • *Applicable to Plan 2 only

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  • The above information is intended for information only. Please refer to the policy wording for the exact terms and conditions;
  • This plan is underwritten by ACE Insurance Limited ("ACE Insurance"). ACE Insurance is authorized and regulated by the Commissioner of Insurance of the Hong Kong SAR and is solely responsible for all coverage and compensation under the policy;
  • American Express ("We/we") identify insurance providers and products that may be of interest to you. In this role we do not act as an agent or fiduciary for you, and we may act on behalf of the insurance provider, as permitted by law. We want you to be aware that we receive commissions from providers and commissions may vary by provider and product. Also, in some cases, an American Express entity outside of the country may be the reinsurer and may earn reinsurance income. The arrangements we have with certain providers, including the potential to reinsure products, may also influence what products we identify. We do not require you to purchase any insurance product, and you may choose to cover your insurance needs from other sources on terms they may make available to you.