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Travel Insurance


American Express Journey Protection Plus

Relating to Eligibility
Who is eligible to enroll?

All American Express Cardmembers and their spouse and child(ren). All the insured persons must reside in Hong Kong with valid HKID cards. The Cardmember and his/her spouse must be between 18 - 60 years of age on the effective date of the insurance. Legal child(ren) includes the Cardmember's stepchild(ren) and/or legally adopted child(ren) who is/are residing in Hong Kong, who is/are primarily dependent upon the Cardmember for maintenance and financial support, and who is/are at least thirty (30) days old and below eighteen (18) years of age (or below twenty-three (23) years of age if he/she is a full time student) during the period of insurance.

Can my parents also be covered under this insurance?

No, this insurance only extends to you, your spouse and/or child(ren).

Relating to Coverage
What is the benefit amount per child?

Benefit amount per child will be limited to HK$200,000. The aggregate limit per family for any one accident is 220% of the "Air Trip Accidental Death Benefit".

What do you mean by public conveyance?

Any vehicle, train, taxi, waterborne vessel or other form of public transportation that is licensed to carry fare-paying passengers as a regular passenger service operating over established routes at scheduled departure and arrival times.

If I do not travel by flight but by coach, ferry, etc, am I still covered under this insurance plan?

Yes, as long as your journey departs from and returns to Hong Kong and you have purchased the return tickets, and the whole period of journey is not more than 21 days, you will be covered under this insurance plan for this journey. If you are not traveling by air, your coverage will commence when you leave the Hong Kong immigration counter.

If I take the ferry to Macau from Hong Kong, then fly to Taiwan from Macau Airport, am I still covered under this insurance plan? Which benefits can I enjoy during this journey?

Yes, all benefits will commence when you leave Hong Kong and end when you arrive back in Hong Kong. If the accident happens while you are traveling on the ferry or other common carrier or private motor vehicle, then you are entitled to the "Extended Trip Common Carrier/ Private Motor Vehicle Accidental Death Benefit";

When you are not on a common carrier or private motor vehicle, you will still be covered under the "Extended Trip Accidental Death Benefit" if an accident happens during the journey outside Hong Kong;

For the flight to Taiwan and back to Macau, the "Air Trip Accidental Death Benefit" will cover you while you are on the flight, in the airport terminal, and while you are traveling directly to and from the airport by common carrier.

Are hazardous activities/sports such as bungee jumping and scuba diving excluded from the cover?


Will you cover my traveling time to a car racing activity during my trip?

Yes, you will still be covered whilst you are traveling to the car racing activity. Only accidents which happen during the competition period will be excluded.

Am I covered for GO-carting which is not car racing?


Relating to Premium Payment and Refund
Am I entitled to any refund if I decide to cancel my policy after I make a claim under my travel policy?

The insurance company will arrange the premium refund as per the terms stated in the policy if the policyholder wants to cancel his/her policy. However, the refund mechanism shall not apply if any claim has been made.

Can I use another credit card for premium payment?

This plan is exclusively for American Express Cardmembers and an AMEX card must be used for premium payment.

Do you exclude Terrorism?


Am I covered on the way to and from the airport in Hong Kong?

Yes, you are covered on the way to and from the airport if you are traveling to and from the airport by public conveyance.

Does the plan cover natural disasters like tidal waves and earthquakes?

Yes, natural disasters like tidal waves, earthquakes, etc are covered under this policy.

Will my family member(s) still be entitled to cover if they are not traveling with me?

Yes, the benefit for you and your family members is independent so even if your family members are all traveling separately, they are all still covered.

Note: This FAQ is not a contract of insurance. Accordingly, the information contained herein should be read and construed in the light of, and subject to, all terms and conditions of the policy.